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  • Energize your step and recover more quickly in the women’s performance socks that started it all! The Circulator is one of our most beloved styles of moderate graduated compression socks for women, thanks to its various wellness benefits and stylish design.

    Why Your Feet Will Love Our Women’s Compression Socks

    The Circulator socks feature a 15-20 mmHg compression level, plus an ultra-light cushion sole and a smooth toe seam. A top choice of women’s socks with arch support, they’re machine washable and ideal for everyday wear.

    Moderate compression socks offer a host of benefits for the legs and feet. They can:

    • Improve blood circulation and reduce swelling
    • Provide all-day comfort for travel, exercise, or recovery
    • Slow down the development of varicose veins
    • Alleviate foot pain from plantar fasciitis

    We recommend these women’s performance socks for anyone searching for:

    • Women’s athletic socks with arch support for exercise
    • Medical grade women’s compression socks for recovery
    • Women’s compression stockings for prolonged sitting and standing
    • Women’s compression socks for flying and travel

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